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  • Robert T. Plevy, Esq. has met the qualifications and is certified as a Verified Personal Injury Lawyer™

    A Verified Personal Injury Lawyer™ practice must consist of at least 90% personal injury.

    Mr. Plevy’s practice has been verified to be 100% personal injury representing only plaintiffs in all types of accidents. His practice consists of approximately 60% of various types of accidents and 40% motorcycle accidents.

    Robert T. Plevy, Esq.


    Mr. Plevy has been practicing in the field of personal injury since he began his legal career in 1993 as an Assistant Corporation Counsel defending The City of New York against personal injury lawsuits.

    Mr. Plevy is a Founding Partner at FRANCKEL & PLEVY, LLP providing very personal service to people HURT in any type of accident.

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