$10.4 Million Ankle Injury Jury Verdict Upheld on Appeal


The New York Appellate Division mostly upheld a 2017 jury multi-million dollar verdict in the Bronx for an ankle injury slightly reducing it to $10.4 million.

The plaintiff was a woman in her early 30s when she fell down a flight of stairs injuring her ankle and legs.

In the case, AMINATA KROMAH v 2265 DAVIDSON REALTY LLC AND LANGSAM PROPERTY SERVICES CORP., the trial jury found that the property manager failed to maintain the stairs in proper condition.

The jury awarded the plaintiff $6.1 million for pain and suffering which was a record verdict at the time for an ankle injury. The Appellate Division upheld the pain-and-suffering award. The additional money was awarded for medical care.

The defense argued that the award was not reasonable compensation for pain and suffering and also objected to the award for future medical expenses because there was no evidence the plaintiff would need some of the medical treatment claimed.

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