The Million Dollar Trial Lawyers Association™ assists lawyers to substantially increase their ability to maximize compensation for the clients of Association members by sharing confidential trial and practice tips.  The Association, formed in 2015, is the first to foster the sharing of educational information in addition to just issuing a recognition award.

Recognition of Achievement

The Million Dollar Trial Lawyers Association™ recognizes member attorneys for their very significant achievement in the following areas:

  • Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™
  • Multi-Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™
  • Billion Dollar Trial Lawyers™
  • Above The Policy™
  • Verified Personal Injury Lawyer™ (verification-not an award)

See the meaning of the individual awards and verification. Look for the Award logos and wall plaque verifying membership in the Association.

Benefits of Membership

Exclusive membership in the Association includes the sharing of valuable confidential practice tips useful in obtaining larger verdicts, arbitration awards, settlements, improve office efficiency and increase income (Million Dollar Trial Lawyer™ secrets are shared in the Member Area which requires a password given to members).

Some of the confidential practice tips include the following:

  • How to find additional insurance policies including umbrella and excess insurance
  • How to get medical records faster to move cases quicker and free up office staff
  • Where to have medical records inexpensively reviewed by doctors and summarized for your case
  • Where to get 3D color medical images and video inexpensively to use for every case
  • How to prepare clients to testify like a lawyer at their deposition
  • How to force insurance companies to spend money on a report increasing settlement value
  • How to get defense doctors to write honest reports
  • The right way to market your practice and much more!


Very few lawyers will qualify for any of the Million Dollar Trial Lawyers Association™ awards.  We do not represent that less than 1% of U.S. attorneys are members as other similar awards claim because it is a factually true but misleading statement since not all qualifying lawyers will have applied for membership in the Association.  We do not believe that our members should lessen a significant achievement by misrepresentation.

No award or rating should be the sole reason to retain a lawyer.  For instance, it is possible that an attorney settled a case with a catastrophic injury and a $5 million dollar policy for only $1 million when it should have been settled for more.  However, the Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ awards provided by the Association can be one of the factors you take into consideration when choosing an attorney.  All of the Association awards recognize a significant achievement that any attorney should be proud of.  To see if you qualify, see Eligibility.

Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ awards are recognized by organizations such as LawLinq which displays, in the image below on their home page, the awards issued to their lawyers
lawlinq recognizes Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ awards

Neither The Million Dollar Trial Lawyers Association™ nor 1-800-HURT-911, Inc. claims to pass judgment on the credentials or abilities of any lawyer.

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