Above The Policy™



— A Lifetime Achievement Award, it is not likely that many lawyers will be entitled to this award which honors lawyers who achieved one of the following:

  • Settled a case where the insurance company paid more money than the maximum insurance policy limit or
  • Where a lawyer proved an insurance company was hiding insurance coverage.


This award recognizes the cunning, negotiation, and investigation abilities of the lawyer.  Only a very small number of lawyers have accomplished a settlement above the insurance policy limit where the money above the policy was paid by the insurance company. In fact, most lawyers will probably think it’s impossible.


Very few lawyers have caught an insurance company hiding insurance coverage. This award also recognizes attorneys who have successfully found insurance coverage that was not disclosed by the defense insurance company. Lawyers who have been issued one of the other awards and don’t know how to find undisclosed insurance can find out here through the Association.


Look for the Above The Policy™ award logo on a lawyer’s website or find an Above The Policy Lawyer™ in the directory.

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