Can I Get More Money If I Have a Lawyer?


On Average, a Lawyer Can Get You 3 1/2 Times More Money!

Cellino & Barnes advertise they can get you x times more money from insurance than you can. But any Million Dollar trial lawyer can do that. How much more money can a lawyer get for your injury than you can get on your own?

According to the Insurance Research Council, if you have a lawyer the insurance company is likely to pay 3 1/2 times more money on average to settle your case. But that’s a national average for all lawyers. A good personal injury lawyer should be able to do much better. Call one of the Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™.

Video – Hiring a Lawyer Can Get You 3 1/2 Times More Money!

The Insurance Research Council conducted expensive research studies to determine why accident victims call personal injury lawyers. Other facts revealed by the studies (available for purchase) are the following:

Reported in Injuries in Auto Accidents An Analysis of Auto Insurance Claims (Insurance Research Council study)

  • Claimants represented by an attorney “received more than 80% of the total dollars paid from BI coverage” (BI is Bodily Injury which is the liability coverage that pays personal injury victims)

Reported in Paying for Auto Injuries A Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims (Insurance Research Council study)

  • “The most frequently cited reason for contacting a lawyer was to ensure the claim was handled in accordance with the law and that the claimant was legally protected”
  • “Was dissatisfied with delays in getting the claim settled”
  • “Was dissatisfied with the amount of money offered”

Also reported in the study is that just by speaking to a lawyer to learn your rights, you can get almost 40% more money than not talking to a lawyer. You can get a lot more by hiring a lawyer!

Just Speaking to a Lawyer Can Get You Almost 40% More Money!

Insurance Companies May Try to Get You to Take a Quick Settlement

Injured in an accident? You may be contacted by the insurance company for the person or company responsible for your injury. The insurance company will often ask you if you are thinking of filing a claim and may offer you money to settle.

insurance claims representative offering settlement money

You may be tempted to take a quick settlement. You may even think you’ll save the cost of hiring an accident lawyer. But unless you’re certain that you don’t have an injury, DO NOT settle your claim! Do not give a statement! Don’t explain why the accident wasn’t your fault. Hang up the phone and call an accident lawyer immediately.

Personal injury lawyers give free consultations and do not charge a fee unless they get money for you. If you have been offered a settlement from an insurance company, before you even consider taking it, call a personal injury lawyer to find out what your case is worth and whether you should consider the settlement offer.

Insurance companies don’t want you to hire a personal injury attorney! They have all kinds of tactics to get you to settle before calling an accident lawyer. That’s because they’ll save a lot of money if you don’t call a lawyer, and it’s not because they’ll save a lot of money defending the case. It’s because they’ll save many times what they will pay you.

Allstate was criminally convicted twice for practicing law without a license when they sent letters to accident victims. The letter said you don’t need an accident lawyer because Allstate will treat you as a future potential customer and offer you a fair settlement. Apparently, the letter was so successful that after being criminally convicted, Allstate did it again and was convicted again!

Can You Get As Much Money without a Lawyer?

You can almost never get the same amount of money as a lawyer can unless you have a million-dollar injury and the insurance company policy is only $25,000. Even then, you should have a personal injury lawyer make sure there isn’t any other insurance or possible defendants to sue.

Even a personal injury lawyer can’t get as much money for himself or herself without hiring another personal injury attorney. Attorney Philip L. Franckel, Esq. has settled cases with a broken nose for $50,000 but couldn’t get more than $10,000 for his own broken nose. The insurance company knew he was trying to save the legal fee and just wouldn’t offer a fair settlement. He had to call a friend to represent him.

Abraham Lincoln knew! President Lincoln said, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client”

How Much More Money Can I Get?

As an example, New York personal injury lawyers, Franckel & Plevy, LLP, who are Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™, obtained a jury verdict of $465,000 after trial for a knee injury when GEICO offered only $10,000 to settle.

In another example, New York motorcycle accident lawyers, Franckel & Plevy, LLP, obtained a jury verdict of $1 million for a head injury. The insurance company offered only $150,000. Their client tried to settle his case on his own but was unable to. If the insurance company had offered him $40,000, he probably would have taken it.

Will I Get More Than the Legal Fee?

Legal fees for personal injury cases are usually either 1/3, 40%, or 50%, depending upon the state where your accident occurred. But no matter how much your legal fee is, it’s obviously worth hiring a personal injury attorney when you can get several times more money with a personal injury lawyer.

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