Jury awards $110 Million to Bicyclist


A bicyclist, Robert Liciaga, age 26, was compensated by a Brooklyn, NY jury with a verdict of $110,174,972.38.

The plaintiff was seriously injured when NYC Transit Authority workers working on an elevated subway train track dropped a large beam on the bicyclist as he was riding his bicycle underneath. A worker directed him to ride underneath the track replacement work going on above his head.

The plaintiff literally never knew what hit him. He woke up in the hospital to find out that he was a paraplegic and lost his bowel, bladder, and sexual function.

Expert witnesses presented evidence at trial that the cost to care for Liciaga at a nursing facility for the remainder of his life is $40 million. The jury also provided nearly $10 million for the past three years of medical expenses and $60 million for pain and suffering.

Of course, the defense attorneys for New York City Transit said they will appeal the verdict as “grossly excessive”. We hope the jury’s verdict is not settled and that the plaintiff’s attorneys let the appellate division determine the proper verdict which could be as much as $50 Million.


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