Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ Benefits

Displaying a lawyer recognition badge on your law firm website provides important benefits:

  • Increased credibility and confidence of website visitors
  • Increased conversion (conversion of a website visitor to one who calls you)
  • Increases your rating on the most visible attorney rating website Avvo
  • A link from your website badge to your listing on our attorney directory for Award Recipients displays your information and confirms your status (ex. click on one of the badges in the left column at to see the corresponding directory listing)
  • A link back to your website from the attorney award directory improves search engine ranking for your law firm website — see why a link to your website is important
  • Members can get a Birdeye Reputation Management & Review account for only $100/month — That’s a savings of $100/month! Request reviews from your clients before they do it on their own — Birdeye can prevent publishing bad reviews when you request the review from your client.

We recommend that you display as many recognition badges as you can get. That’s why we offer several. I have 11 trust/recognition badges on my websites (3 from Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ and 9 from other organizations).


Stacey E. Burke, P.C. a nationwide law firm marketing consulting practice for small to medium size law firms advises attorneys to use:

  1. Case studies;
  2. Testimonials;
  3. Reviews;
  4. Trust icons; and
  5. Data on law firm websites.


Displaying a badge on your website can increase conversions a whopping 32%! says VWO which makes A/B testing software for marketers.


By displaying only a safe buyer seal on a website visitors were 7.6% more likely to make a purchase, according to a study by


Shopify illustrates the following 6 Bulletproof Ways to Improve Conversions which also applies  to attorney websites:

  1. Add a Frequently Asked Questions Section
  2. Integrate Live Chat (For lawyers, I highly recommend Ngage Live Chat and use it on my 3 law firm websites)
  3. Display Product Videos
  4. Allow Customer Reviews
  5. Prominently Display Badges or Seals — “Any certifications or important characteristics of your product (such as safety, legitimacy, officiality) should be included on your product page. It’s easy to simply write these things into your product description, but it’s far more effective if you can make these stand out as badges.”
  6. Offer a Rock Solid Money Back Guarantee


Benefits of displaying the Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ badge and our other badges are obvious. Each of the badges create credibility and confidence for potential clients, both those who know you and those who don’t.


The confidence earned is even recognized by well-known lawyer rating sites which utilize these awards when determining your rating.  Avvo uses multiple attributes such as speaking engagements, attorney endorsements and awards to reach a 10 rating.


If your rating is less than 10 on Avvo, adding the Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ award will likely increase your rating.  My rating increased from 8.5 to 8.8 after adding the Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ award (after more work and more awards, I now have a 10 rating). Avvo, one of the most popular attorney rating sites, always shows up at the top of Google when someone searches your name so its important that potential clients don’t see your profile with a 6.7 rating.


Where To Use The Badge

Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ award logo

Registered attorneys or law firms should use all of the awarded logo badges or written description anywhere including:

  • Attorney rating sites like Avvo
  • Law firm web sites (examples Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ (on left column) and Billion Dollar Trial Lawyers
  • Yellow page sites like,,, etc.
  • Social sites like Facebook and Linkedin
  • Business cards – print the logo or have it gold embossed for a more impressive look
  • email signature
  • Brochures
  • Letterhead
  • Giveaways
  • Print and TV advertising
  • Wall plaque in your office

In Your email Signature

Million Dollar Trial Lawyers email signature

Where To Put Badges On Your Website

Make sure that your badges are displayed on every page of your law firm website. Some lawyers make the mistake of displaying their badges only on the homepage and some attorneys display them only on an interior page. So your badges are visible on every page of your website, display your badges in the footer or left or right column if your website has a column.


This image shows badges displayed in the left column of a law firm website, so they are visible on every page.

Lawyer Recognition Badges


This lawyer also prominently displays his badges, including the Billion Dollar Trial Lawyers™ badge, at the top of the homepage just under his video but they are only visible on the homepage. He even has a paragraph about the Billion Dollar Trial Lawyers™ and another a paragraph about Avvo.


Lawyer Website Displaying Billion Dollar Trial Lawyers Badge

Directory of Registered Attorneys & Law Firms

showing lawyer award benefits of directory listing of Million Dollar Trial Lawyers award


Registered attorneys have a listing in the Directory of Million Dollar Trial Lawyers™ including:

  • No charge – not annual, not even one time; not for links; not for updating!
  • Listing in each state where you’re licensed
  • Listing in each category the attorney is registered
  • Listings rotate randomly (See some listings)
  • Listing has a link to your website and your personal profile page
  • Logo and contact information including phone number on both listing and profile page
  • Profile can also include your photo and information you submit (no maximum size) – update anytime
  • Links to your social site pages with icon buttons for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Youtube accounts
  • Links to your websites (for one or more websites) – no charge ever
  • Update your profile anytime

Practice Tips

You’ll have access to my Practice Tips section where you’ll find some information that even the most experienced trial attorneys don’t know or haven’t even thought of. You’ll find how to use the information I provide as well as the companies and people who provide important services.


I’m an expert at practice management and the ability to settle personal injury cases for more money than other lawyers get at trial. For instance, I settled a case for the entire $1 million policy without having to wait years for a trial.  The client had neck surgery, a prior neck surgery and 3 months later had a car accident hitting her head on the steering wheel.  My friends said they thought the case was worth $250,000. I’ve been asked many times to give seminars but now, you can have access to million dollar tips.

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